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Prozonic aims for excellence in every aspect of production. Our uPVC profiles are 100% lead-free and environment friendly, conforming to both RoHS and EN 12608 standards. We use only the finest quality of raw materials and employ skilled professionals and specially engineered tool designs to ensure top precision in every product.

SFT of Manufacturing Facility
years of Industry Experience
MT Capacity per Annum
Specialized Compound Formulation with the Finest Grade of Raw-Material sourced from World-Class Manufacturers in Compliance to Global Quality Standards.
Fully Automated Compound Mixing Unit controlled by PLC & SCADA
Uniquely designed tools to cater customised & complete specifications of end customer.
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Our Products

Casement System

Casement windows open outward on hinges and are often actuated with a crank handle. They are one of the most frequent types of windows seen in homes and buildings, and they provide various benefits. Casement windows generally require minimal maintenance, making them a practical choice for homeowners.  

When fully opened, Casement windows provide uninterrupted views and a stronger sense of connection with the surroundings. Because of their sleek and modern appearance, they are a popular choice for modern architectural designs.

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Sliding System

The window sashes of sliding windows can open and close by sliding along horizontal tracks, which make them an increasingly prevalent kind of window design. They have a number of benefits and are frequently utilized in both residential and commercial structures. The sliding windows are a practical and aesthetically pleasing choice that provide efficient operation, ventilation control, and unobstructed views, making them a popular option for modern living spaces.

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Our Products

Special Windows

Designed with unique features or characteristics to meet specific needs or architectural requirements. These windows are custom-made and can serve various purposes beyond standard windows. The versatility of special windows allows architects and homeowners to create unique and personalized spaces.

Our Products

Combination Windows

These windows provide a flexible option that enables homeowners or builders to alter window openings in accordance with their own requirements and preferences. These windows include casement with fixed windows, double-hung with picture windows, etc. They provide the advantages of numerous window kinds in a single installation, increasing versatility and aesthetics and offering a range of alternatives for ventilation, natural light, and outside views.

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Nature Inspired Series​

Dark Oak
Golden Oak

Product Features

Weather Proof

uPVC has a high level of resistance to the impacts of weathering, such as UV rays, rain, and sharp temperature changes. Even in severe weather, it keeps its look and structural integrity.

Sound Proof

uPVC windows are designed to reduce the transmission of external noise into the indoor environment, creating a quieter and more peaceful living or working space.

Water Proof

uPVC profiles are resistant to water damage and warping because they do not absorb water. They are especially well suited to regions with frequent heavy downpours or high humidity.

Minimal Maintenance

Low maintenance is needed for uPVC profiles. It is simple to clean them with common household cleansers and they don't require painting or staining.


It's robust nature ensures that uPVC windows maintain their structural integrity over the years, providing long-term value for homeowners.

Termite Resistant

Unlike wooden frames, uPVC is not susceptible to termite damage. This makes it an ideal choice for regions where termite infestations are common.

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