Advantages of Prozonic uPVC Windows


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From the beginning of the design process all the way through installation, Prozonic provides comprehensive end-to-end solutions. Prozonic strives to meet all of the needs of its clients and provide a smooth experience, thus it offers a full package.


Prozonic’s Hyderabad factory employs German precision to produce its goods. The profiles are also incredibly sturdy and have a long lifespan because they were made with unfavorable weather conditions in mind.


Only the best-grade raw materials are used by Prozonic to create its uPVC profiles. The end products are guaranteed to meet or surpass customer expectations because of the focus on quality.

Prozonic’s uPVC profiles are 100% lead-free, which guarantees that they abide by all environmental safety regulations. Prozonic exhibits its dedication to creating ecologically safe goods by adhering to EN ISO 12608 and RoHS standards.

The combination of experienced casting and finely crafted tool designs allow Prozonic to make each product with the highest level of precision. This attention to detail raises the general level of quality and durability of the uPVC profiles.


UPVC windows involve careful consideration of various factors such as Window Type, Dimensions, Hardware Selection, Soundproofing, etc. to create functional, aesthetically pleasing, and efficient windows.


The accuracy and care used during each step of the production process determines the quality of UPVC windows. To provide consumers with UPVC windows that are long-lasting, energy-efficient, and visually beautiful, Prozonic follows strict quality control procedures.


In order to give clients a seamless experience and access to high-quality products, our effective supply chain management makes sure that UPVC windows are available when and where they are needed, across the country.

In-house Testing

Quality Testing

Fully Equipped Modern In-House Laboratory with wide range of instruments for:

  • Intensive R&D for improvisation of products
  • Testing & Inspection of Raw materials & finished products
  • Ensuring precision, quality-control & compliance with Global Quality Standards.


  • Hot Air Oven – determines the heat aging and heat reversion tests.
  • Ultra-Low Deep Freezer & Ball Drop Impact Tester deriving the cold impact properties of various materials.
  • Izod-Charpy Impact Test – used for determining and checking the impact strength, and toughness of the material.
  • Advanced Spectrophotometer – deriving color values of the profile
  • Digital Moisture – analyzing the moisture percentage of various raw materials.
  • Ultra-Modern Digital Density tester – deriving the density of various materials.
  • Gloss Meter – Triangle – determining the accurate surface gloss of the profiles.
  • Illuminated Inspection Magnifier – inspecting profile surfaces and visual quality evaluation.
  • Hardness Tester – measuring Shore D & the Hardness values of the profiles.
  • Universal Tensile Machine – advanced machine deriving Tensile Strength, Tensile Elongation, Tensile Modulus, Flexural Strength, and Flexural Modules of Elasticity.
  • VICAT Softening and Heat Deflection temperature – determining the softening and heat deflection point of the various engineering plastics.
  • Ultra-Muffle Furnace – evaluating the filler percentage in the various materials.
  • Highly Advanced Color Matching Cabinet – checking the physical color shades and color intensity of the profiles.

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