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Casement System

ย Casement windows open outward on hinges and are often actuated with a crank handle. They are one of the most frequent types of windows seen in homes and buildings, and they provide various benefits. Casement windows generally require minimal maintenance, making them a practical choice for homeowners.ย ย 

When fully opened, Casement windows provide uninterrupted views and a stronger sense of connection with the surroundings. Because of their sleek and modern appearance, they are a popular choice for modern architectural designs.

  • 62 series
  • 55 series

Sliding System

The window sashes of sliding windows can open and close by sliding along horizontal tracks, which make them an increasingly prevalent kind of window design. They have a number of benefits and are frequently utilized in both residential and commercial structures. The sliding windows are a practical and aesthetically pleasing choice that provide efficient operation, ventilation control, and unobstructed views, making them a popular option for modern living spaces.

  • 62 series
  • 55 series
best upvc profiles manufacturers in india | Prozonic
best upvc manufacturers in india | Prozonic

Special Windows

Designed with unique features or characteristics to meet specific needs or architectural requirements. These windows are custom-made and can serve various purposes beyond standard windows. The versatility of special windows allows architects and homeowners to create unique and personalized spaces.

  • Tilt and Turn
  • Slide and Fold

Combination Windows

These windows provide a flexible option that enables homeowners or builders to alter window openings in accordance with their own requirements and preferences. These windows include casement with fixed windows, double-hung with picture windows, etc. They provide the advantages of numerous window kinds in a single installation, increasing versatility and aesthetics and offering a range of alternatives for ventilation, natural light, and outside views.

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